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Death Race 2050 0

Death Race 2050 – 2017 – Cult Classic Remake

There are remakes and there are remakes. Some of them tell the story in a slightly different way and some of them copy the original frame by frame. Death Race 2050 falls under the first category but a little bit under the second one too. It’s a very entertaining movie that follows the main story of the original – Death Race 2000. Of course the original had both Sylvester Stallone and David Carradine in the...


Quarantine 2: Terminal – 2011 – Stand Alone Sequel

A flight from L.A. is forced to do an emergency landing when one of the passengers starts to attack the others. When they finally reach the ground there seems to by no help available. They search for a free gate where they expect to find medical personal. But nothing happens. All entries to the terminal are locked. What’s going on? Soon they realize that the entire building is surrounded and quarantined. A virus turn one...