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Shotgun 0

Shotgun – 1989 – A truly gruesome flick

Ok, let’s not kid ourselves. This is a horrible movie. The acting is so bad you could use this as a discouragement for hoe to not make a movie. The story itself is very shallow and I had no time figuring out what was supposed to be the send twist of it all. Maybe that’s not so far-fetched since many of these low budget flicks from the eighties are less than good and more than...

120 days of sodom 0

Marquis de Sade – The 120 Days of Sodom

Apparently, the infamous Marquis wrote this story in 37 days while being imprisoned in the Bastille 1785. Furthermore, the 120 Days of Sodom was written on a 12-meter-long roll of paper smuggled into the prison. You can say what you want about its content and about the Marquis himself. You may call him a lunatic and dismiss his work as perverted nonsense but you cannot say that anyone reads this book without emotion. 15-20 pages...

Please Daddy No 0

Please, Daddy, No – 2006 – Sadistic Perversion

I found Please Daddy No in a second-hand bookstore a few weeks ago. Actually, I had seen it there many times before I bought it. I usually but a lot of books without ever starting to read them. It’s the same with movies and music, I buy stuff but never find the time to enjoy many of my findings. Recently I’ve started to read again though. I might not be a fast reader, and I...