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Samurai Cop – 1991

Back in my youth, we used to call films like Samurai Cop “karate movies”. Well, maybe not really because there are very little martial arts fighting in this movie. Most of the time “karate movies” were Asian flicks with a lot of hand-to-hand fighting in them. Some Chuck Norris flicks qualified under the umbrella and certainly movies with Cynthia Rothrock. But there was usually no samurai in them at all. Ocassianly there were ninjas in...

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Ghost Warrior – 1984 – A frozen Samurai

I must admit that I never heard about this movie before. It was more or less a bonus when I ordered som other stuff. It seemed nice and I figured, what the heck?! So I got Ghost Warrior and started watching it. The beginning is set in feudal Japan and I was hoping for it to stay there. It didn’t though and I guess that’s the whole point of the movie. In a fight this...