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Changing Colours 0

The Sheepdogs – Changing Colours – 2018

Since I’m not only a metal-head I always seek for all kinds of music. Especially by artists and bands that I never heard of heard of before. The Sheepdogs is such a band. Changing Colours is their 6th album so they’re used to putting out music. They’re no beginners. I think that’s quite hearable. The songs are well composed and nicely performed. When I searched for something to explore I was aiming for southern rock...

Hail to the Chief 0

Bourbon Boys – Hail to the Chief – 2013

When I first heard Hail to the Chief by Bourbon Boys I wasn’t sure if it was a serious album or not. You know the feeling when something is just a little bit too typical for the genre. Something that it right on the edge between serious and delf distanced. I’m still not sure I might add. But after listening to Hail to the Chief for many times more at least I decided that I...