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The Hyperions 0

The Hyperions – 2022 – Very different superheroes

  The Hyperions is more or less what it claims to be, a funny superhero story where the actual heroes are very different. There is also a more serious side of the story but more on that later. The Superheroes in The Hyperions are not really born with any powers. It’s more like they were chosen by this brilliant scientist – Professor Ruckus Mandulbaum (Cary Elwes). He has invented a device that can give humans...

Sparks 0

Sparks – 2013 – Another superhero story

Apparently, Sparks is based on a graphic novel that I never heard about. I haven’t really got what a graphic novel really is either if not a comic book. Maybe itäs my age playing tricks on me. In either case, the knowledge that the story will include superheroes and the fact that Jake Busey is in it made me interested. To my surprise, there is very little of both. The background of a meteor that...

Deadpool 2 0

Deadpool 2 – 2018

I saw the first Deadpool in the theatre. The plan was to see the second one there as well but when I premiered I wasn’t able to fulfill that goal. Luckily I’m totally satisfied by watching movies at home. Actually, it’s my favorite way of watching movies. Comfortable and without having to travel anywhere. I just had to wait for Deadpool 2 coming out on DVD and Blu-ray. Then I forgot about it until I...