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Prisoner X 0

Prisoner X – 2016 – Terrorists from the future

X is apparently a very scary letter. Ether if it’s Prisoner X, Citizen X, or even Planet X, there’s always a mystique to it. I understand that that is the whole point of course. But I still find it odd that we use this particular letter to describe something that is unknown to us, something scary och horrifying. I’m sure there are other examples as well. Very Strange Prisoner X starts out as a very...

death has blue eyes 0

Death has Blue Eyes – 1976

In the original Greek title, Death has Blues Eyes translates the “the Bomb Girl” which is actually a better title when you know what the plot is actually about. When you don’t know what it’s all about it might be a little too much information given away. And, to be completely honest I kinda like the Gialli-feeling to Death has Blue Eyes. So much that I, in fact, thought it was kinda a Giallo when...