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Unfriended: Dark Web – 2018

Just like the predecessor Unfriended, Dark Web lets us see what’s going on via the computer screen. And this is more or less everything these movies have in common. At least if we take the obvious things, like people dying and someone is hacking the computers of the friends connected to char via skype. In Dark Web one of them has found a computer at a café and brought it home. There are a few...

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Unfriended – 2014 – The Dead Comes Back

I have tagged Unfriended as a found footage flick but that’s not entirely true. It’s about these kids skyping and we get to see everything as they would see it on their computer screen. But I guess someone must have found it for us to be seeing it…unless we’re part of the chat, but we’re not. There’s also a background of another one of their friends that committed suicide a year ago or so. The...