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Active Context goes Youtube!

Ok, so Active Context goes Youtube? Well, yes! I’ve actually had a channel on therefore several years but didn’t really post anything besides a few clips a few years back of me just talking about this movie or that album. It was a time before ActiveContext as a concept didn’t really exist. I was writing on the blog The Flick Fanatics Companion and the Swedish equivalent Fanatisk Film. I wasn’t really happy with this approach...

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Dark Web: Descent into Hell – 2021

Dark Web: Descent into Hell is about a YouTuber exploring the deep web. You know the part of the internet that is not searchable from google och other normal search engines. He’s making a series of posts where he descends deeper for each episode. His goal is to find the lowest possible tier. These lists exist more or less in real youtube videos today without having to script anything. Just do a search and I...