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Fetish Factory 0

Fetish Factory aka Cabaret of the Dead – 2017

With a title like Fetish Factory, a movie can be infinitely sleazy and get away with it. There’s no way that anyone can miss the sexual innuendos in a movie with that title. And, to be honest, that’s exactly why I was watching it. I don’t usually think that a movie gets better by merely sexual situations of striptease but there’s definitely a relaxing feel to it. You don’t have to think so much and...

Till Death Do We Rot 0

Till Death Do We Rot – 2018 – A zombie love story

Till Death Do We Rot is a short film by Emir Skalonja. As a short film, it’s always hard to bring out a complex story. There’s merely not the time to tell anything too advanced. I usually look for things that can trigger my feeling in this kind of movies rather than groundbreaking stories. In this case, there is a cool atmosphere and the shots are very beautiful, at least to begin with. Till Death Do...


Quarantine 2: Terminal – 2011 – Stand Alone Sequel

A flight from L.A. is forced to do an emergency landing when one of the passengers starts to attack the others. When they finally reach the ground there seems to by no help available. They search for a free gate where they expect to find medical personal. But nothing happens. All entries to the terminal are locked. What’s going on? Soon they realize that the entire building is surrounded and quarantined. A virus turn one...