Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever – 1977

Cat Scratch Fever

Cat Scratch Fever is the song to know with Ted Nugent if you only can choose one. I wouldn’t exactly call him a one-hit wonder but if there’s anything he will go down in history for, music twice, it’s Cat Scratch Fever. And it sure is a catchy tune. To be totally honest I don’t know very much about his career as a musician. I think he had kind of a wild unstable image. If you look at the cover of this album I think you’ll get the idea.

But it’s not just one song on the album. Ted sings lead on the best ones though. But first and foremost he plays the guitar. I think he’s a good rocker and I wish I paid more attention to his music when I grew up. He has loads of albums out there. I have a few on vinyl that I’m not even sure I listened very much to. That was short. Yes sometimes there’s just not much to say. Ted Nudgent rocks on this album, lets leave it at that!

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