Texas – Jump on Board – 2017

Jump on BoardOnce upon a time I got one of the earliest albums with Texas. I think it was even the first album they made. Because I liked it so much I soon got all the other albums as well. I noticed that the musical style changed of the years though and Jump On Board is another logical development into the pop area. In the beginning it was more kind of blues rock but that’s long gone. With that said I liked the albums less and less the further along Texas album progression they came.

I even explored Sharleen Spiteri’s solo albums but they were just as much pop as the later albums from Texas. To ignore Jump on Board wasn’t an option though. The last album from Texas prior to this was released in 2013 so I just had to hear what they’ve been up to. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s as much pop as anytime but it’s really laid back and the production is really nice. It didn’t take me long before I realized I was going to like this a lot.

The songs are soothing and sparsely instrumented. There are no real surprises anywhere but I still like it. It’s a musically great album and I don’t think I ever heard Sharleen Spiteri sing better. This is an album that is going to grow more and more over the net couple of weeks. I’m sure of it. It’s great now and it will become better and better once the details settles. If this is your first introduction to Texas, the pop band from Scotland, you have found a great album to start with!

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