The Bigfoot Trap – 2023

The Bigfoot Trap

When I first started to watch The Bigfoot Trap I couldn’t take it too seriously. It was something with the opening scenes that didn’t exactly ooze confidence of quality. You’ll notice that too if you choose to see it. And I think that you should! Now only if you’re a fan of Bigfoot movies. I know there are a lot of them out there and I, myself, have only seen a handful of them. With that said, Bogfoot isn’t really my cup of tea when it comes to mythical monsters.

I don’t really know why because it really checked all of the boxes need to be an interesting creature. It’s reported to exist over the whole world, even though it comes in slightly different shapes and under different names depending on where you are. My favorite has always been the Himalian Yeti and the Americanized Boogfoot. But who am I to know where the myth originally spawned? If it is a myth that is. Believers believe no matter what it seems. They only need their conviction, they don’t need hard facts or proof. Just like any religion if you ask me.

Mythical Monsters

With that said, I don’t mean to mock any religious persons out there regardless of religious beliefs. And I don’t mean to mock believers of the existence of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Flat Earth Society. We all believe what we believe. No matter what anyone else tells us. We don’t really have control over our convictions. We can fool ourselves by thinking that we are very rational but it’s my belief that we deep inside our core self and beings controlled by our emotions and feelings.

But back to the Bigfoot Trap. The acting leaves a bit to be deserved in the beginning. I can’t really tell if it’s supposed to be a film that actually mocks itself a bit or if it’s totally serious. It seems a bit wooden to me. After I’ve seen it I get why, but at the time I wasn’t too sure what the intent of the movie was. And, I guess you can read into it what you believe to be true. To me, it’s a story about loneliness and being accepted for who you are as well as seeking the truth, whatever that may be. There we go with the convictions and religious aspects again.


It’s also a movie about bullying and what it might do to people in the long run. What if you only ever had one friend? What if you believed in something that is a laughing matter for most people? Would you stick to your convictions or would you hide it deep inside and only let it out to the ones you really trust? But that is hard with only one friend, isn’t it?

But, of course, it’s also about Bigfoot, all the stuff I mentioned above is in the subcontext. The obvious plot is about this journalist that really doesn’t want to make clips about making fun of people anymore. He wants to be a real journalist and has gotten stuck in the trap of making more money with things he really isn’t comfortable with. There is also this other guy, who has built a Bigfoot Trap and made the news. Now, the two are bound to meet. One of them needs to convince the other about the existence of a mythological creature and it’s the other’s job to make that guy look like a fool.

Bound to clash

You would think that there would be tension between them, but I think not. From time to time – sure, but mostly they seem to respect each other fully knowing what the other one is up to. It’s a fine balance on the razor’s edge and as a viewer, it’s not completely obvious what is going to happen, or what the movie’s bottom line will be. We get a fair share of obvious plot twists and turns, but still, something seems to be hidden from us. Something that we need to be told and cannot figure out for ourselves.

I can honestly say that I was taken by surprise for some parts of the movie and I didn’t see the ending coming a mile away. That’s a good thing. Not to say that a movie can’t be entertaining or good ever if you can see everything coming beforehand but I like it for when I’m fooled. Not many movies can do that these days. The twists and turns are usually obvious. But I got something out of this. You can still respect someone with the opposite opinion and pure belief isn’t always self-chosen.

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