The Class – 2007 – a really disturbing movie!

JThe Classust looking at the cover art of this Estonian film gives me chills. I was over-interpreting it of course. Look at the SS in the title words – The Class. Aren’t those very similar to the lightning bolts used but the SS during the second world war? That was what I thought, and I have a special interest in movies that revolves around Nazi themes. I’m not sure why but I think it’s about that dark period in human history that never may be forgotten. It’s needed in our consciousness so that we never repeat that mistake again. But since this isn’t a movie about nazism and this isn’t a political review I’ll just move on.

What The Class is really about is something else. Something else that is really disturbing and equally impossible to ignore. There’s alienation to extreme and utter bullying. As the title implies the show class is more or less getting at this one boy. All of them, both boys and girls. Of course, there are ringleaders that are stronger leaders than others with the ability to get the other students with them. They have no plans to quit bullying this kid and the methods for doing this get elaborated.

Things take a turn when one of the classmates decides that he doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore. He starts to protect the bullied kid and eventually ends on on the other end. Now there are two kids being bullied and no one dares to make a stand against the lead bully. I really commend this comrade’s actions. It’s not easy standing up to the masses and doing what you really believe in.

If you’ve been subjected to bullying or alienation yourself you will have an easy time identifying yourself with this movie. If you are a bully, shame on you! See this film as an educational flick about what might happen and possibly you might feel an awakening. There’s really no hope displayed in this movie. Everything is dark and depressing. There’s no light in the tunnel and the end comes as much as a shock as it is expected. I feel like I was hit by a ton of bricks really. This is a movie that really moved me and made me feel disgusted and hateful!

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