The Devil’s Triangle – 2021 – Another take at Atlantis

Devil's Triangle

I actually never thought of The Devil’s Triangle as the Bermuda Triangle but it makes perfect sense and I realize it’s a pretty common name for the same thing. I have seen the reference to the devil before though. Does anyone remember the Sci-Fi flick Dark Side of the Moon? A pretty unusual scenery to find a Bermuda Triangle reference don’t you think? I have no idea if this is true or not but in that film, they take the coordinates of the Triangle and come up with the number 666. Maybe this is true and that’s why this alternate name – The Devil’s Triangle. I really have no idea.

But in either case, I have always found the Bermuda Triangle fascinating and even in my youth, I thought a lot bout what was going on there. Nowadays I don’t think it’s so mysterious anymore but there’s no way to deny that the place is legendary and a source of many myths. The Devil’s Triangle also makes use of an ancient myth, first told by the Greek philosopher Plato. Or at least he made it famous and it’s something we still catch in modern culture.

Atlantis was an Island that was sunk in the water by the Gods as punishment. In the movies, it’s usually portrayed as a highly advanced society not wanting any contact with the outside world. In these interpretations, it doesn’t seem to be an island sunk by punishment but rather a disappearance by their own choice. It really doesn’t make any sense.


In this tale, an airplane crashes in the Devil’s Triangle and those who aren’t eaten by sharks find themselves on the shore of a mysterious island. On this island, there are some “other” people. These mysterious people don’t want any good to come out of their encounter. We soon learn that there are more as well. Giant Sea monsters protect a sunken secret and that these people are totally ruthless and execute their peers for something rather trivial. But the sea monsters are hungry and gladly eat anything that is thrown at them. The survivors soon find themselves on a world war 2 submarine heading for an undersea city with highly advanced technology.

In this tale, there are no good Atlantians. Well, some are not as bad as others, we still need to create some drama of course. But as a whole, these Atlantians seem to be worthy of the punishment of being sunk in the sea. But, the funny thing is that I can’t remember any reference at all to a punishment. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention? In either case, these people are up to no good. They play tricks on their visitors to get their help to annihilate the dry-land world above the sea and to gain total world domination.

The acting is pretty awful and I guess I haven’t looked twice at this title if Fred Williamson wasn’t on the cover art. He has a pretty small part though and I can’t say that he makes up for the negative stuff. But overall, it’s entertaining and you get more or less what you ask for. It’s kinda a b-movie from the ’70s but made in modern times and with some pretty good effects. The sea monsters are fairly good. Some Mise-en-Scene is totally horrible though. I can’t imagine how they would think that trident would look good…

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