The Erotics – Today the Devil, Tomorrow the World – 2010

If you’ve heard The Erotics before you immediately recognize the sound from this new album. There’s no doubt about who’s playing. It’s about the same style as on their previous album Rubbish from 2007 with a few differences of course. First, this is an album that doesn’t stand out as fast as the last one did. It takes more time for it to grow and to become really good! There are a few songs, the title track and a few other that stand out as better than the rest, but after listening to it for a few times it equals out in quality. I think that this album will last longer, be fresh longer so to speak, than the previous one and that’s a good thing at the end of the day!

There is no doubt that Mike Trash, who sings, plays the guitar and has written all the material has one major influence – Alice Cooper! It’s not quite as obvious here as on the last album but it’s clear that he wants to sound a bit like Alice. But one has to understand that The Erotics doesn’t have the kind of recourses Alice Cooper can up bring. It’s a trio that doesn’t have the full sound that, for example, The Eyes of Alice Cooper, which seems as an adequate comparison, has. This sounds a bit thinner in the sound department, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The garage feeling benefits from it and it seems almost unbelievably genuine. The guys have fun playing this music, that’s for sure!

But Alice Cooper is not the only comparison to make. I think that I can hear traces of Wendy O Williams here and there. That is if you ignore the gender differences of course. It’s Rock n’ Roll with garage rock feeling, nothing more and nothing less! It’s involving listening for the listener and that’s always a positive thing when it comes to music. Come to think of it, if you took the glam rock of the seventies and applied some metal to it, you have about the sound of The Erotics on this album. Not Glam Metal, but Glam Rock, but Metal, if you know what I mean?

The lyrics lives up to the name of the band – The Erotics! But some songs, like Hogtied and Waiting may be slightly more perverted than that. But it’s not that serious and that’s something that goes for all of the album really. I mean, the band obviously takes the music serious, but there’s some self distance to it. As a listener you don’t have to look for underlying messages and morals because there are none to be found. I like this, and that’s all that has to be said really, with the above description of the music in mind.

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