The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – 2013

Catching fireTo be honest I thought this Hunger Games sequel – Catching Fire, would be more or less a reprise of the first movie. I wasn’t sure how they would explain it story-wise but in a totalitarian regime I guess anything is possible. Even promises to the people can be broken. Hey! Who am I kidding? This is done by politicians every day in the real world. Why should the Hunger Games universe be any different? The main thing is to keep the people subdued and what is better than fear to achieve this?

But that only works up to a certain point. When the people are pushed back enough for a long time someone will stand up and say STOP! No Further! In reality this happens and it happens in Catching Fire. This might just be the beginning but you can clearly say that the seed is sawn.

The President fears the people wrath that’s  for sure. Enough to change the rules of the game. But by doing do he also put gasoline on the fire. It’s like a Greek drama. You cannot change the destiny and when you fear something bad enough, like the people’s wrath, every prevention you make takes you further to your pre destined fate. Gone are the shocking effects (if the first movie even had those). This is now the beginning of a revolution. People start increase hope and finally the President calls out for another game out of spite fear.

The game in Catching Fire is a bit different. The contenders are still sent to a computer generated arena but the conditions are a little different. I’m not sure if I should fill you in on the details och not so I won’t. I can tell you that this sequel is more political than the first movie though. In some sence it’s better than the earlier film and in other aspects it’s not as good. In fact, I like them both. I think this is a logical sequel and it’s not just a reprise even if most of the actor from the first movies are back again. Some are new of course and in the end… well… you’ll see 🙂

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