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The Keepers

True Crime

I have been watching a lot of series recently. I don’t know why but I kinda lost interest in movies temporarily. Maybe it’s a side interest that made me see The Keepers since I seem to be drawn to series concerning true crime. The Keepers is from the beginning a murder mystery about a nun found murdered in 1970 I believe. It’s an unsolved case, at least that is what was claimed in the series. It can, of course, have been solved since the series was made. I don’t really have much insight into the story.

It’s a seven-episode series that explains a lot of aspects that seem to fit the murder case. But soon you realize that the actual unsolved murder might be where the series starts. But it’s most certainly not where it ends. In fact, I think the murdered nun, however traumatizing that must be for friends and family, is the minor question stated by this series.


Very soon the question of pedophilia in the catholic school comes into focus. And how evil this particular priest must have been. I don’t think that there’s a conviction towards him but the series keeps portraying him as a monster. And, of course, if the act described in the movie are true, he absolutely is a monster! There’s no doubt about that in my mind. But I’m also a big fan of proof and Since there’s no conviction there’s no real proof of what’s actually going on. I have my opinions of what seems plausible of course. And it more or less aligns with the narrative this documentary series paints. I just want to be clear about what has been established in a court of law and what hasn’t. And also, what the documentary claims have been proven in a court of law.

So it’s åretty hard to judge the truth of the story. In my mind, this shows a major clusterfuck of policework influenced but the catholic church, powerful people, and politics. But then again, I’m not familiar with every aspect of American law and regulations. You can think that things ought to work in a certain way and when they don’t you can always conveniently blame the system. But there might also be a good reason why the rules a created to work in a certain way. Law is a very complex subject to get a grip on.


The series itself is very structured and presents the story in a very stable way. It’s divided into clear chapters where you are given a few pieces of the puzzle in every episode. You get introduced to a few new people at a nice pace. I think it’s meant to invoke some anger and anxiety over bureaucracy and it’s also very obvious that the catholic church is a target in the narrative. With that said, I’m not saying that the ‘attack’ is wrong, or right for that matter. It definitely invoked some anger and frustration in me, and I’m not even invested in the case at all. I can only think about the people portrayed in the documentary series that has lived with this for so long and conducted investigations for years because the police haven’t been able to bring an answer.

What goes through my mind after seeing the final episode is not the possible coverup of the murder or who the murderer really was. Or even if that person is still alive. It’s about how so many people could have been allowed to be subjected to pedophilic molestation for so many years. Why nothing was done about it since the documentary more or less proves that it was a known fact among some powerful people? How many people could have been spared the pain if it were stopped immediately? Yes, this series evokes pain and anger in me. I’m furious!

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