The Land That Time Forgot – 1975

Look at that poster! Isn’t it marvelous? You can see from a mile away what kind of flick The Land That Time Forgot is. You can see the adventures coming at you and you can see that it’ll take place on a mysterious island somewhere. In my world, movie poster art doesn’t get much better than this!

But then there’s the movie of course. Does it keep the promises from the poster? Yes, I think it kinda does. It takes a little too long before things get going but when we have gone through all that and the crew finds the way to the land that time forgot you couldn’t really ask for more. Well, obviously it’s quite dated and I bet that if you’d show this to kids today they wouldn’t last long. But for me, the practical effects and the not-over-the-top action really hits the spot. There’s stop-motion in there that you hardly see, It’s so very well made!

Other things that might be on the downside are the stereotypical characters. You have to understand that this happens during world war 1 and that germans and Britts don’t exactly go hand in hand. But when the Germans have sunk the Britts boat and the Britts overtook the german submarine they finally find a way to work together when they find the mysterious land. That’s a good message, that it’s possible to overcome differences and work together. I can’t say that it goes without friction though and when the panic comes around we’ll see who is strong enough to stand by their word of truce.

In short, it’s a very cool oldie adventure movie with lots of fantasy. If that’s your thing, you should check this out now. Immediately!

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