The Madame in Black – 2017 – A deadly urban legend

The Madame in BlackWhen I was a kid the legend of the Madame in Black was spread around. I’m sure that it didn’t start then and there but that’s obviously my first contact with it.  The basic idea is that you call her but saying her same in a bathroom mirror three times and she appears. In the variant I heard as a kid there were some more rules. The light needed to be out and the door should be closed. She should then appear with a bloody face in the mirror. That’s how I remember it anyway.

The short film of The Madame in Black is based on this urban legend. There are a few things that are changed from how I remember it but it’s basically the same. It’s a very scaring and terrifying thought. I can’t remember if I dared to do it as a kid. I don’t think so. At least not with the door closed.

In this, the kids dare to call for the Madame in black though. Something might appear but nothing is certain. Time flies and some 20 years later we get to meet the playing siblings again. Now the brother has got the sister a realy nostalgic birthday gift. Grandma’s mirror – the same mirror then played Madame in black with as kids. One thing leads to another and soon they’re playing the game again. Something they probably shouldn’t have done. mysterious things happen and no one in their right might would ever believe such a supernatural story. Well, let’s just say that thing go south after that. Something is present but where will it show up and what / who is it? Is there a logical explanation?

I like the basic idea of the movie. The music is very exiting when it needs to be. The camera avoids to show what might be there. These parts work really well. What doesn’t work so well is the dialog. It’s almost impossible to take any of it serious if you now the Swedish language. It’s illogical and not performed with enough enthusiasm. Plus that the characters don’t have th accent they should have if they were grown up in the small town the story suposedly should take place in. At least they don’t have the same accent as children and adults. The plot should have needed more time to get truely believable.

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