The Moment After 2 – 2006 – Confusing sequel

The Moment after 2The Moment After was a movie about people disappearing. The Moment After 2 is a movie about something completely different. Well, not completely different of course as it is a prolonging of the concept started in the first movie. There’s absolutely no record of people disappearing though. It is like that part of the story never happened. Or maybe we were given enough explanation in the first one?

The Moment After 2 is more about the conflicts between the government forces and the so-called religious fanatics. The Religious fanatics aren’t so much about that. It has more to do will the unwillingness to submit to the government policies. The unwillingness to were the biological tag that identifies each and every person.

It’s more or less the same actors as in the first one which is good of course. Storywise it’s a really boring experience. It does say right from the beginning that this is a Christian production but I didn’t think it was meant so literal. I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone but as a conclusion of the first film, it might be interesting to see. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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