The Octogames – 2022 – An American Squidgame?


It was bound to happen, wasn’t it? It’s evident that Octogames more or less has stolen the premise from the very successful South Korean series Squidgame. There are too many things going on for it to be a coincidence. First of all, an octopus isn’t that far away from Squid. I know it’s not strictly the same species but they both have arms or tentacles, right? Second, the film centers around children’s games with a deadly outcome for those who fail. And third, the masked people running the games are pretty similar to this in Squid Game.


I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it because I this Octigames was pretty entertaining but from an objective point of view, this doesn’t hold a candle to Squid games. Everything is inferior. The acting, the storyline, and the special effects. The only thing this might have going for us westerners is that the games themselves might be more common to us. There are games like Hopscotch and whatever that game is called when you walk around some chair and try to sit down when the music ends. Of course, there’s one chair too little to eliminate someone. I know I played those games as a child at least. So it might be easier to identify yourself with it from that perspective. But it all comes down to which kind of culture you’re brought up in.

Another difference is that there are only a few contestants in this one, In Squid games, there were hundreds, to begin with, and there was also a much better and more mysterious backstory. Here, the filmmakers haven’t bothered with that. They more or less go straight for the games. There are some lame excuses for why this individual created the games, to begin with, and the main focus is on followers on social media. I think all the contestants are social media creators too, and if they win the competition they will inherit the main guy’s followers or something like that.

The Bunny

The number of followers is ridiculous in my mind. I can’t remember how many they are talking about but there are hundreds of millions of people. Maybe that’s not as much as I think it is when it comes to influencer followers. It sure is a lot of people and a lot of potential customers if to look at it from that perspective. If you don’t have anything else to do you can watch this and possibly be entertained by it like I was in a strange kind of way. Or you might easily skip it. But of course, there is that bunny…

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