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Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments is the latest series I’ve managed to see. I recently posted a little about it on instagram too. I wasn’t quite finished with the series then, there were still a couple of episodes to go. Let’s say that I was very eager to see how it was going to end. I predicted that there would be a happy ending to the series. Was I right? Well, I guess that depends on how you interpret a few things.

First of all, there’s no way in hell a series with this many conflicts and plot turns can end happily for everyone involved. It’s in the concept really. I mean, most of the series is about conflicts between creatures with angel- or demon blood in them. They are not exactly enemies but they indeed have a different status in the society – the Shadow world. We have the “heroes” – the Shadowhunters. They are supposed to bring order and look out for the mundanes (regular humans) and Downworlders.

The Downworlders contain different creatures. There are Warlocks, Vampires, Werewolfs and Seelies. The latter is basically fairies. I don’t know why they go under another name but I guess the book is written that way. You don’t have to understand everything beforehand either. Shadowhunders does a good job of explaining the different creatures and their personalities. In general of course. There are individuals that don’t fit into the concept at all.

It begins with a girl

It all begins with this girl – Clary, turning 18, and when that happens her block from seeing the shadow world ends. It turns out that someone erased her memories so that she wouldn’t remember her past and who she is. I guess they did a poor job, as she quickly realizes who she is. At least in part. Some secrets are never revealed and she gets to know more and more about herself and the world she just entered. I can actually imagine that situation. What if you learned one day that everything you thought was true was just a lie and a big cover-up of the truth? I know I wouldn’t take that so well. I’m pretty sure I would have to take a long time to process that. But she identifies herself as one of the Shadowhunters pretty quick

Clary, more or less, grasps the situation right away though. Maybe that’s the downside of the series. The realism reaction to new truths and a world filled with what you would believe to be imaginary creatures. But I think it’s actually good that it doesn’t take her or anyone else for that matter too long to figure out how they fit in the bigger picture. Not in detail of course, then we wouldn’t have a series to watch. But enough to let us in the plot and action not needing to bother with a coming-of-age kind of drama in the process.

Good Vs. Evil

Basically, it’s a story about the battle between Good and Evil. We have seen that many times in films and series, but it’s really a winning concept. At least when it comes to fantasy like Shadowhunters really are, and supernatural creatures. We need the drama and we need the world to be at risk for Armageddon. That’s the driving force of these series and films. I like it a lot.

But what makes Shadowhunters different is the way modern real-world problems are told in the fantasy context. There is most definitely racism in the storyline. Some of the creatures more or less want to rule the other races. But it’s also a story about overcoming this, how to work together to better the world for everybody, and to unite forces against a common enemy. The world is fragile and sometimes is working together the only option. If you were to translate that to a real-world problem you can think of racism for one thing but also starvation and famine. Things that any one country or person cannot solve by themselves. That’s a worldwide problem where mankind needs to unite completely.


I don’t think this will happen during my lifetime, but it’s a beautiful thought. Isn’t it? There is also a lot of focus on different groups. Both between the races and between separatists within their own group or organization. There is corruption and injustice. I can’t help but think about religion here. There are some groups in the real world that just can’t accept differences in religious beliefs. I won’t name any religious group here. I think you all know what I’m talking about anyway. And if you don’t take a moment to figure it out.

As I said. I predicted a happy ending. I indeed think I got one. But I’m not entirely sure as the series ended in such a way that different interpretations are quite possible. I would like to see one more season, and I’ve seen rumors online. But I have always seen retractions and claims that it will not happen. I guess the best we can do is to cross our fingers and hope that the right holders come to an agreement. It’s not too late but if we wait for too long some of the actors might not be able to play their part convincingly enough anymore.


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