The Tick

The Tick

I have a hard time creating clickbait headers, and more so for The Tick than more other stuff I’ve written in a while. My time has been quite limited for quite some time so there are not as many posts on here as I would like to but I feel I have to take the time for this series. I never heard about The Tick before but from what I understand it’s originally an animated series. It works very well with real live actors as in this series. It’s kinda crazy and with some sick and twisted humor. I like it a lot so far. I’m just finished with the first season and there’s most definitely a villain and a hero. Or more than one heroes for that matter and a few villains as well. But there’s one major bad guy, at least in the first season. It’s hard to describe him but he’s nothing like you would think about a villain seeking total domination of the world.

But this is a comedy and it’s very funny. I like the crazy humor and that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You think you know how things will develop but half of the time you’re actually wrong. There’s word- and situation comedy in there and sometimes there are really dry, almost British-like humor situations.

The Tick Character isn’t too bright and all he actually knows how to do is fight. He seems to be more or less invincible and immortal. Nothing seems to harm him. But he’s plain dumb. Arthur on the other hand is the main character, or the sidekick depending on your perspective, is very bright and has the solutions and plans figured out. Then they go on adventures together with various results. Of course, there are other characters in there as well as “overkill”. He’s a deadly superhero or villain depending again on your point of view and there’s Arthus sister Dot. I’m looking forward to seeing the second season, I bet it will be as crazy as the first one.

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