They Saved Hitlers Brain – 1968

They Saved Hitlers Brain

They Saved Hitlers Brain has a special place in my mind. You see, when I was a youth one of my friends claimed to have seen this one and also argued that it was the worst film he’d ever seen. I, of course, hadn’t seen it at the time and had to trust his word for it. Not that I had problems doing that but back in those days it wasn’t as easy to track down odd and obscure films as it is today. I can’t say that I’ve thought about it much since those days either but when I stumbled over it I couldn’t help myself. I just had to see it!

Apparently, They Saved Hitler Brain was another movie to begin with – The Madmen of Mandoras. I think the plot is basically the same. In 1945 Hitler didn’t die but his brain (and head) are smuggled out of the country to some South American country where it’s still functional. For the TV version, they added some footage a few years later with other actors. I can’t really tell but I read about it and apparently their haircuts and clothing style wasn’t popular until a few years later. So if you know your trends, you’ll notice it I guess. There’s also a car in the with a type of taillights that didn’t exist until the early 70s. So I guess footage was added more than once.

But I don’t really mind. I like garbage movies, They’re great fun to watch. And, hands down, I’d much rather watch a flick named They SAved Hitler Brain than The Madmen of Mandoras. It has a more brutal sound to it and is way more cheezy. And cheezy is the thing a flick like this should be. We all understand that realism is non-existant. But it’s funny with Nazi-uniform-clad men running around taking orders from Hitler’s head in a jar…

I’d have to disagree with my friend. This isn’t the worst movie ever, but it’s really really bad…

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