Twin – Wasteland – 2017 – Swedish Metal!

I’ve come to realize that we in Sweden are very good at metal music. We have som kind of sixth sence when it comes to writing solid hard rock tracks that sticks. Twin is such a band. They’re from around here somewhere Gothenburg like every other band. In fact, there’s so many of them that it’s kind of impossible to keep track of them all. No, they’re not all good and they’re not all famous. Take Twin for instance. I have never heard of them. Their album Wasteland cane to me as a review request. Well, request is much said. Suggestion sounds way better don’t you think?

In either case I first forgot about it then realized that I hade it ready for download. I’m kind of ancient so I couldn’t figure out how to get them to my phone in mp3 or wma format. So I was forced to get the full wav files. They take a lot of room but on the other hand, there’s no compromises regarding the quality on wasteland. I’m referring to the wav format of course. But as a matter of fact. The whole album sounds really good.  It’s somewhat eclectic so it doesn’t sound the same all the time. This is good because you’ll never tire of the sound.

Some of the track are really heavy and there are nice riff along the way. Other’s are more laid back and focus on melody or other feelings. I like this. The slow Doom(ish) passages are as important as the raw Heavy Metal or the loud Grunge parts. My favorite parts are the more Metal(ish) parts though. They sound the best in my ears. They are aggressive and easy to get into! Though I still feel the Twin has something to learn and even if this is not their debut album I think they will be a force to reckon with in the years to come.

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