Unfriended – 2014 – The Dead Comes Back


I have tagged Unfriended as a found footage flick but that’s not entirely true. It’s about these kids skyping and we get to see everything as they would see it on their computer screen. But I guess someone must have found it for us to be seeing it…unless we’re part of the chat, but we’re not. There’s also a background of another one of their friends that committed suicide a year ago or so. The reason behind the suicide is that she was filmed in a precarious situation and since everything put on the internet stays on the internet there was no other escape.

Anyway. These few friends use skype to pass the time when an unknown participant gets online. This person doesn’t say anything at first but the other soon trace the account back to their dead friend. How is that even possible? Obviously everyone gets freaked out but even more so when they starting to die one by one. By suicide, it seems. Who is behind this? Is it really their dead friend or is it someone else seeking revenge?

I liked the form of this film. Everything is as seen via a computer screen and it’s a good illusion. We know just as much as what these people found out of the intruder. But we can ask ourselves a couple of questions. If it’s a real person, how can he/she be everywhere at once killing and making it look like a suicide? If it’s indeed their dead friend, why would she go through such tedious methods to get her point done?

Maybe that’s nothing we should think about? Maybe it’s better to focus on suspense and the fact that people are dying? Of course, this way makes us see the circumstances leading up to their friend’s death and that friends are not always as good as they think they are. All of them have skeletons in their closets. But those secrets are about to be unraveled.

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