Venom – Black Metal – 1982

Black Metal

Black Metal was the first album I ever heard with Venom and I think that the anecdote I wrote about in the Welcome to Hell review was actually about this album. It’s not hard to recognize the sound created on the first album and the quality is still pretty bad. Yet, it’s lightyears apart. You can actually hear what’s going on, on this album. I’ve always loved the title track and I believe that is also why I bought it back in 1983-84. It has a certain rhythm and melody to it that is really catchy. I guess not many people would regard Venom’s early music as catchy. But I certainly think it is. very effective melody for sure.

Back in the day that was about the only song I could stand on Black Metal though. it was too bad sound quality and not enough variations between the songs. Nowadays, I say rubbish! Of course, the sound is bad but it’s not that bad and it’s certainly in sync with the music being played. I’ve also learned that it was recorded in nine days, which is three times as long as the debut album. And probably on a minuscule budget. But the songs are better. Black Metal is a classic in my book and was probably the basis for the term Black Metal as a Metal subgenre. Venom was certainly pioneering and I think that Swedish early Black Metal pioneers Bathory actually got their name from the song Countess Bathory on this album. And one more thing. Venom was actually a year earlier than Kiss to record Heaven’s on fire! Of course, the song is not as orgasmic as the Kiss titled song but more Satanic.

Lay Down Your Soul to the Gods Rock n Roll!

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