Warning Sign – Path to Destruction – 2020

Path to Destruction

Path of Destruction is the full-length sophomore album from 2020 by Canadian Metal band Warning Sign. I think it’s a wonderful name for a band and I this the album title is a really cool title too. It sounds so Armageddon-ish. And it somehow gathers the essence of what this type of metal is all about. In one way or another at least. When I looked up Warning Sign and did some research I found that it was a Thrash/Heavy Metal Band from Canada. I never heard about them before. That’s not really what my ears picked up when I listened to it. I classified it as more in the Power Metal direction.

Now that I’m aware that the Thrash Metal genre might be associated with them I can hear those epithets in there as well. But in my mind Path of Destruction is first and foremost Power Metal. But who cares what label you put on it anyway? It’s fast music and it’s well-played and produced. That’s what I hear. No real emphasis on thrash riffs but there are nice melodies by the vocals.

I also think that the lyrics are in the direction of what Power Metal band usually sings about. It’s a kind of fantasy-driven and even if there are no dungeons and dragons in every line it still fits that realm for me. The music is guitar-driven for sure, the way metal is supposed to sound according to me. I really like it. And the problem I often have with vocalists growling too much or when some Thrash/Death Metal bands clearly should get another singer is totally absent. The Vocals fit the music perfectly. You should check this out!

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