Wish Upon – 2017 – Be Careful What You Wish For!

Wish UponI really like the concept of a supreme being granting wishes. Wishes that come true but just not in the way the wisher intended. The prime example of that is Wishmaster and its sequels of course. There are other films as well, where an object brings happiness whilst bringing unhappiness to someone else. The balance must be maintained I guess. Will that in mind I was very curious about Wish Upon. I kinda knew which way the film was gonna go even before I saw it. This was one of those times when I didn’t even care that I figured out the end beforehand.

And many of the things happening in the movie is indeed easy to figure out before they actually take place. I’m not sure I had the absolute end totally figured out though and it kinda took me a bit by surprise. That annoyed me because I thought it was an unlogical end. You should get what you wish upon even if it’s a complex wish that defies time and space.

To keep matters short this girl gets a present from her dad, a beautiful music box. The box is filled with Chinese signs and it just happens to be so that this girl studies this language in school. At least so much that she can figure out some of the writings on the box. Not all of course. It’s written in an older version of the language and needs an expert to be interpreted. Of course, the truth is that the box will indeed fulfill wishes, seven of them to be exact. But it also requires a blood price. Kinda straightforward. You get want you wished for but you or someone close to you have to pay the price for it.

I didn’t find it very exciting though. It just wasn’t sadistic enough. I think they could’ve thought out some gruesome scenarios. Some more emotionally connected to the “accidents” wouldn’t have hurt either. To tell the truth, some of the scenes made me quiver but in the end, it still didn’t keep with me for very long. Once the scene was over so were the suspense and the terror.

The acting and the characters are fine. There’s nothing wrong there. I think it seems pretty natural. Solid acting, not great in any way, but solid. I guess they had to compensate for something. Well. The bottom line is that the movie was fine. I expected more than I got but it was an entertaining movie for 90 minutes.

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