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Kill and Kill Again 0

Kill and Kill Again – 1981 – Martial Arts sequel

Do you remember when I wrote about Kill or be Killed some time ago? This was the movie that I thought I got. It obviously wasn’t. But I needed to get my hands on Kill and Kill again to set my mind at ease. I got it, I watched it and I remembered very little. haha! James Ryan stars in this one again. Since the cover art is very alike I assumed that he’s playing...


Kill or be killed – 1976 – Martial Arts cult classic!

The deadliest tournament! For some reason, I have come back to the movies I liked and watched in my youth. We didn’t call them Martial Arts though. For us, it was just “karate movies”. I think that it makes more sense here than in many of the Asian flicks that have hit the surface during the years. I don’t know why but as long as it’s kung fu and oriental fighters it’s not really a...