James Bond – Worst to Best

James Bond

For this exercise I will include a couple of movies that usually doesn’t count as “real” James Bond films. But what the heck… Why not?

Never say Never Again
26. Never say Never Again. Sean Connery in a remake of Thundeball
Die Another Day
25. Die Another Day. Pirece Brosnan in the disasterous movie.
Casino Royale
24. Casino Royale (1967). An unofficial Bond comedy with David Niven in the Tttle role. Peter Sellers is in it too.
Casino Royale
23. Casino Royale (2006). This was very well recieved by fans on James Bond. Not by me.
A View to a Kill
22. A View to a Kill. Last Bond film with Roger Moore
From Russia with Love
21. From Russia with Love. I might need to give this one another chance. Undoubteble the Bond film I’ve see fewest times.
20. Thunderball. Didn’t like the remake and didn’t like the original.
19, Skyfall. Newer Bond films aren’t Bond films anymore, more like Action flicks. Loved the ending though!
Golden Eye
18. Golden Eye. It felt old even by it’s release.
Quantum of Solace
17. Quantum of Solace. I actually found this way better the the acclaimed Casino Royale (2006).
16. Mookraker. This is over the top even for Bond standards. A classic film though!
The World is not Enough
15. The World is not Enough.
For Your Eyes Only
14. For Your Eyes Only. Roger Moore as the most elegant Bond.
License to Kill
13. Licence to Kill. Timothy Dalton made a more Modern pertrayal of James Bond.
The Living Daylights
12. The Living Daylights. Timothy Dalton broke new ground.
11. Octopussy. This might be the “biggest” Bond film i history. A great production!
10. Spectre. Ok, ok… Newer Bond films are more action film than Bond films. But this is different.
Tomorrow Never Dies
9. Tomorrow Never Dies. Great car scenes..
The Spy Who Loved me
8. The Spy WHo Loved Me. Classic Bond adventure. They don’t make them like this anymore.
The Man with the Golden Gun
7. The Man with the Golden Gun. Alice Cooper did a theme song for this. It never got into the actual movie though.
Live and Let Die
6. Live and Let Die. Which part of Jane Seymour and Yaphet Kotto can go wrong.
Diamonds are Forever
5. Diamonds are Forever. Widely underestimated and forgotten Bond film.
You Only Live Twice
4. You only Live Twice. With my favorite Bond villain. Donald Pleasence.
At Her Majesty's Secret Service
3. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This is a very different film in many ways. George Lazenby the only time as bond with Telly Savalas as the villain.
2. Goldfinger. It doesn’t get much more classic than this.
Dr No
1. Dr No. The first is still the best!

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