Alice Cooper – Killer – 1971

KillerJust like the previous record – Love it to Death – in Alice Coopers discography Michael Bruce is the one that contributes with the greatest rock songs. You might almost call the rock anthems. Well, that’s actually what they’ve become over the years. I mean, how often has Alice Cooper performed Under my Wheels or Be my Lover live from this album? That’s not the only great song from Killer though. I think I’m in love with this album. Although it’s not my absolute favorite album by Alice Cooper it’s very close!

I love the artwork and I love the music on it. Of course, the music is far more important than the artwork, but in the early seventies, there were different imaginations when they created these covers. It’s far more rewarding to have a snake on the artwork like this than just a picture of Alice Cooper. That’s my opinion anyway.

Apart from the classic rock anthem I’ve already talked about, there are some less obvious songs. They’re just as good as the more famous songs but they haven’t been played as much and can still be considered somewhat fresh. At least in my home! Just listen to Killer and you’ll see what I mean. They might not have the same hit quality but listen to Yeah, Yeah, Yeah or You Drive Me Nervous and you’ll see!

I read somewhere that Desperado was written with Jim Morrison in mind and if you listen to the lyrics this is not impossible. Of course, there are other information that contradicts this so who knows. I guess it’s a secret and only the wise know. In any case, the lyrics are pretty dark on the entire album. It’s songs that emphasize the dark sides of humanity. The last couple of songs, Dead Babies (my absolute favorite from this album), and the title track Killer aren’t exceptions.

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