Love Object – 2003 – a sex doll lovestroy

Love ObjectKenneth works as a copywriter of sorts. Well, forget that, not of sorts, he’s a copywriter specialized in instruction books. He’s very good at his job and finished long before the deadline every time. You could say that he has a pretty boring life and lives solely for his profession. Maybe that is why he’s so efficient and fast when it comes to creating instruction manuscripts. For this new assignment, he gets a new assistant but it’s obvious that he really doesn’t want one. I think that he thinks that it would distract him from the work. Get him out of focus. And I guess it does because he soon gets obsessed with this woman. She becomes his Love Object.

It’s depending on point of view though because his colleagues plant the idea of getting a really sophisticated sex doll. The kind which you can customize to your own desires. You can choose eye color, breast size and other features to match the woman you want. Kenneth uses his new assistant as a role model. But I think that he falls in love with the sex doll and not with the model it was designed to be a lookalike from. It’s not only love, of course, it’s obsession. This love object you might think were only suitable for sex is also the dinner partner and dancing partner for Kenneth.

We are drawn into a spiral of anxiety, self-denial, obsession, and violence. For Kenneth, it’s a matter of not knowing what is reality and what is in his imagination. I think the insight into his mind is a very interesting one. What is his mental state of health? Does the sex doll really have a life of its own or is it just in his mind? Is it really a vindictive bitch when he starts dating the role model love object? Is it just in his imagination? The Obsession escalates into a destructive state of mind.

As a whole I found this movie to be upliftingly depressing. The acting could have used some more talent and the directing too but once you see it you realize that it’s really a part of the ongoing tragedy. The downward spiral that’s designed to end in some dark spasmic climax. Disturbing to say the least!

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