Scorpions – Lonesome Crow – 1972

Lonesome CrowLonesome Crow wasn’t the first album I ever got with Scorpions. It was the first album they released though. I have several editions on vinyl but I don’t think I ever listened to it until now. At least not all in on go. It is, to say the least not representative for the band as we know it today. There is guitars and all that of course. Both Rudolf and Michael Schenker is in the band and Klaus Meine sings. But Lonesome Crow is more psychedelic rock and kind of flower power that what Scorpions later became.

I feel great entertainment in listening to early record by band that later grew into something completely different. There isn’t much here that resembles their later sound. Klaus Meines voice is recognizable of course but that’s about it.

To make you first acquaintance with Scorpions via Lonesome Crow isn’t a good idea but as a historical document it’s very interesting. In that perspective you need to get the vinyl of course. How else can the historical importance be recognized? But if you’re just curious about the sound. Some online streaming service will do just fine!

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