Judas Priest – Sin After Sin – 1977

Sin After Sin is the third album by Judas Priest and the first that I bought on vinyl back in the day. Listening to it today makes me realize that Judas Priest was still looking for a sound and experimenting when this came out. It’s kinda like listening to early psychedelic Scorpions. Not to that extreme maybe but You notice that this was made over 40 years ago. I see it as a part of Judas Priest history rather than a great metal album.

There are some good songs on it though, some songs that are still solid and full of energy. Sinner of course, but also a couple of songs that are not that well remembered. I can’t even remember the titles of them now, But it’s clear that the basis of Judas Priest sound was laid down during those early years. They have become more and more “Metal” over the years, but when listening to the early years we get their music in the purest form. Rob Halford sings better than ever and the guitars are great!

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