Sonata Arctica – Talviyö – 2019

Sonata Arctica

Do you remember when I wrote about Evergrey the other day? Sonata Arctica is another band that I got suggested to me and that I never heard about before. It’s nice to have friends good enough to suggest new things to discover. So…I fired up Spotify and found their latest album – Talviyö, which means Winter Night in Finnish. I always try to listen on the whole album when I get suggestions even if I suspect early on that I’m not gonna like it. With Talviyö that’s not the case though since I even at the beginning of the first song realize that I’m gonna like it.

I want to keep this short so I won’t go into any detail. I guess Sonata Arctica should be labeled Power Metal, but it’s not that power-ish I think. There’s more strength in the melodic parts than in fast guitar parts a la Dragonforce. I like the vocalist a lot which often is the weakest part when I start liking new bands. So this was certainly not the last album with Sonata Artica for me. Apparently Talviyö is the tenth album by Sonata Arctica so there are a few more albums to discover. Lucky me!

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