Stereoside – Hellbent – 2016

stereoside hellbent active contextFirst of all I need to state that this might be an unfair review. Stereoside is more or less a post grunge band, a genre that I’m generally not to into. I think Stereoside does a good job with Hellbent though. Especially for the first half of the album. The opening track Miracle is a different approach to music altogether. I like the melody and it doesn’t have as distorted sound as grunge bands can have.

Of course post grunge differs from true grunge. It’s almost always “milder” than the core genre. It’s more suitable for plays on the radio. I think that’s the whole concept of it. It should be melodic enough to get radio plays and dirty enough to attract rebel(ish) fans.

My rebel days are over so I don’t need it anymore. And If I needed it I would go to heavier stuff than Stereoside. I’m a metalhead from the beginning so there are lots of genres darker and more rebellious for me to explore. Still, from time to time I find myself exploring something that I usually don’t like. That’s the purpose of it all I think. It’s fun to explore things you normally shouldn’t listen to. From time to time you’ll find something that blows you away. Stereoside sounds ok to me. It’s nice to listen to but nothing I will get off on.

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