Venom – From the Very Depths – 2015

From the Very Depths

I think that From the Very Depths, was the first album that I really listened to after I was discouraged by one of the more commercial albums where Cronos wasn’t present. I can’t remember which one though. But back in the day I really didn’t like it. But on the other hand, I didn’t really like the Black Metal album back in the day either. And, I don’t know why I started to listen to this particular album when it came out either. Maybe it got good reviews or was mentioned somewhere where I read the news at the time.

Anyway, I really liked it from the beginning. It’s not just hard and heavy, there are catchy melodies, riffs,  and even some guitar solos. I’m not sure the latter is really necessary though. Venom does it best with a wall of sound built from heavy guitars, bass, and drums. Cronos isn’t a great singer but his delivery of the lyrics makes it totally believable.

I have played From the Very Depths frequently the last few weeks and I’m not disappointed this time around either. It’s a very good album, a cross between really heavy Black Metal with Satanic lyrics and easy-to-follow melodies. If they’re created by the riffs and/or rhythms or the melodies doesn’t really matter. I like it and I think fans of this kind of Metal will as well.

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