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Brimstone Incorporated 0

Brimstone Incorporated – 2021 – anthology film

Brimstone Incorporated was sent to me just like the director James L. Edwards previous film – Her Name Was Christa. Since I saw the latter one first I thought I had a pretty good idea about the style of this one. Well, I was partly right I think. The style is recognizable but it seems like Brimstone Incorporated had a much larger budget to work with. At least in the special effects department. There are...

Her Name was Christa 0

Her Name was Christa – 2020 – A Necrophila Love Story

Her Name was Christa was sent to me by the director and protagonist in the movie. It’s so cool when you don’t know anything about the movies that you see. I got a very spare explanation of the plot, well, not really an explanation, more like a brief description. But the description included the word necrophilia and that’s good enough for me. There are far too few movies about necrophilia out there. That doesn’t mean...