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Iron Horse 1

Marshall – Iron Horse – 2020

A while ago I wrote a review of Marshall’s latest album Old Rockers Never Die and now it’s time for the previous album Iron Horse. You will immediately recognize the sound if you have heard the latest album. It’s pretty similar, both in sound and songs actually. But first I need to clarify that the questions I had when reviewing Old Rockers Never Die were answered by Fred Marshall on Twitter just a couple of...

Old Rockers Never Die 1

Marshall – Old Rockers Never Die – 2021

I got a message from Freddy Marshall the other day asking me to check out Old Rockers Never Die as it was hard and heavy. Now, I don’t necessarily need hard and heavy to like music or an album. At least not these days, I’ve become very eclectic with the years. But anyway, Old Rockers Never Die is definitely both hard and heavy. And, I like it! The cover art is very strange. You have...