Marshall – Old Rockers Never Die – 2021

Old Rockers Never Die

I got a message from Freddy Marshall the other day asking me to check out Old Rockers Never Die as it was hard and heavy. Now, I don’t necessarily need hard and heavy to like music or an album. At least not these days, I’ve become very eclectic with the years. But anyway, Old Rockers Never Die is definitely both hard and heavy. And, I like it! The cover art is very strange. You have three guys sitting in a black and white photo playing acoustic guitars. I think that is as far as you can get from the music on the album actually. On, the other hand, I like the humor of it. It’s not even remotely close to the image I get in my mind when listening to the album. That sure is a point worth mentioning. I wonder if it’s deliberate?

Unknown to me

Of course, I never heard about Marshall of Freddy Marshall before. Maybe I should and maybe I have heard him play before on some collaboration. When I investigate a bit. Well, I went to his website. I read that he has played with some well know musicians over the years so it’s quite possible I’ve run across him without knowing it. It can also be read that he doesn’t consider himself to be a good musician or guitar player, and not even a good singer. I would like to object to that. Old Rockers Never Die bears marks of great musicianship. He might not be the best singer in the world but he certainly delivers the vocals. No problem there. And if you by great guitar player means a virtuoso, that might also be true. But not everyone can be a Yngwie Malmsteen och a Steve Vai. It’s also about playing what the music needs. Not necessarily use the instrument as a masturbation tool.

I think Old Rockers Never Die is quite a solid album. It is consistent from start to finish and the production is pretty even. I would have liked a little more “life” in the sound. Maybe some more treble or something. It does tend to sound a little bit like a “garage”. But on the other hand, that might be just what Marshall was aiming for. Apparently, this is the second solo effort by Freddy Marshall and I will definitely check out the previous one as well!

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