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Rage of Honor – 1987 – Sho Kosugi is the King Ninja

The thing about referring to Sho Kosugi as a ninja on the cover is of course a way to market the movie. It’s the same for me. I mention Sho Kosugi and Ninja in the same sentence to try to get your attention. Did I succeed? The fact is that this movie has very little to do with ninjas as I see it. There is the occasional throwing star but that’s about it. There is...

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Pray for Death – 1985 – Sho Kusugi is the master ninja!

The first film I ever saw with Sho Kosugi was a flick called Ninja III –  The Domination. The VHS copy was a fourth or fifth-generation copy so the quality was pretty messed up (the Blu-ray edition is now among my belongings). I liked the story though and I have been hooked on Ninja flicks ever since. Not that I have many in my collection but I’m in no hurry. The Other day I got...