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11 Favorite Guitar Players

Back in my youth Once upon a time, there was something called Guitar Heroes. This was long before the game by the same name so I’m really really old… Anyway, there was this phenomenon with guitar players that was kinda larger than life with their instrument. I don’t think that this phrasing is around anymore but I might be wrong. I don’t buy juvenile publications any more so I don’t know if there’s something like...

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Edgar Winter – Rebel Road – 2007

I kinda always considered Edgar Winter to be a lesser-known musician than his brother Johnny Winter. And I think he is, but that doesn’t mean that he cannot stand on his own merits. It would be unfair to compare the two since they don’t represent the same kind of music at all. We all know Johnny Winters’s blues approach but Edgar sounds more like regular blues-rock. That is true at least for Rebel Road. It...