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Carrie – 1976 – Stephen King Adaption

You can laugh at me all you want but the fact is that I never saw this classic until now. I can argue that there are so many movies and so little time but it wouldn’t be entirely true. The fact is that I feel that most Stephen King adaptions fail on one or more levels. Why should Carrie be any different? And even if I hadn’t seen it, I knew what it was about and...

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The Gladiator – 1986 – A trip back to nostalgia land

This is yet another movie that I saw several years ago. You know when the VHS rental stores still existed. I don’t think I saw it immediately when it came out, I guess a couple of years later. I remember thinking the cover was awesome and that the movie really didn’t live up to my expectations. In other words, I remember it as a pretty lame movie. But the title was cool – The Gladiator...