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Mythica – The Necromancer – 2015

With the background of what we learned in the previous part of Mythica, the subtitle might refer both to the antagonist and the protagonist. The Antagonist is, of course, the unspeakable evil Necromancer that seeks the Darkspore. The other one is Marek. If I hade to choose I’d place my money on Marek though. It seems that she evolves and gets more control of her powers even if she doesn’t fully understand them yet. On...

Mythica 0

Mythica – The Darkspore – 2015

As I mentioned when I wrote about the first flick the universe is already existing. There are dragons and wizards and everything else that belongs to the fantasy genre. In this case even dungeons I would say. With that, I’m not stating that there are any real similarities with the classic roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons. Mythica is its own thing and we now learn some more parts of the overall story. Kevin Sorbo is...