Mythica – The Darkspore – 2015


As I mentioned when I wrote about the first flick the universe is already existing. There are dragons and wizards and everything else that belongs to the fantasy genre. In this case even dungeons I would say. With that, I’m not stating that there are any real similarities with the classic roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons. Mythica is its own thing and we now learn some more parts of the overall story. Kevin Sorbo is still mostly an extra with some lines. He might be more present later but I’m starting to doubt it. Anyway, he tells the story of this powerful necromancer that he and his followers defeated years ago.

Of course, the necromancer isn’t defeated at all. He just suffered a setback and is on the rise again. He’s after an artifact called the Darkspore that will enhance his power multifold. This artifact was broken in pieces and hidden in the far corners of the realm. You get where this is going, don’t you? Maybe not because we also learn that Marek is a Necromancer. That’s why she’s so powerful and drains life from her surroundings to fill up with power.

Both she herself and her surroundings doubt that she can resist getting her hands on the Darkspore herself. Yet, she must find it to prevent the surely evil necromancer wizard from obtaining it. There’s also development in the other characters. we start to understand that the thief really does care and is not concerned solely with riches and treasures. There’s even a romantic embryo created here. I’m convinced that this will evolve further during the later movies.

I think The Darkspore is slightly better than A Quest for Heroes. There are cooler special effects and more of them. And there is, of course, more magic. That’s a very important part of the fantasy genre. Maybe this is more focused on the adventure itself also since there’s no need to introduce the characters once again. That saves some time to be used for something else. Except that there is a new character of course. I think it’s an Elf with a tattooed face. Kinda odd figure don’t you think? But Marek likes him and he quickly gets parts of the team despite Dagen’s doubts. Maybe it’s the raw sexual power this stranger – Qole seems to have over Marek. But can he be trusted?

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