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Frank Stallone and the music

I’ve known about Frank Stallone for some years. But…I just thought he was the older brother to Sylvester Stallone and was an actor in a couple of B-movies. A sibling that cashing in on his more famous siblings’ Success. There are other examples of it or course. And I do emphasize that this might not be their intent. They’re basically not as successful as there siblings. I don’t claim that they willingly cash in on...

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Kane Roberts Releases The New Normal

I got a couple of Albums from Kane Roberts before. They’re both kinda mediocre. Well, that might not be the right word but they doesn’t live up to the intensity of what I connect him with. I discovered Kane Roberts together with Alice Cooper vack in 1986-87. Alice Cooper released the albums Constrictor and Raise Your Fist and Yell. A couple of very “hard rock” albums for Alice Cooper. (The first “hard rock” Alice cooper...

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Thunder – Please Remain Seated – Out now

I have a small confession to make.. I totally missed this new album by Thunder. I have partially listened to it on Spotify and I like what I hear. You simply can’t go wrong with Thunder! Please Remain Seated contains re-arranged and re-recorded versions of previous songs, sounding more laidback than ever. If you’re into smooth power ballads, this is an album for you.