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Stalingrad 0

Accept – Stalingrad – 2012

I think that more people than med was surprised when Accept released a new album – Blood of the Nations 2010. By then they had been kinda silent for 14 years. At least they hadn’t released anything during that time. I also think that we were a lot of people being surprised how good that comeback album was. We wanted more! At least I did! And 2012 we got more. That was the year Stalingrad...

Blood on the Nations 0

Accept – Blood of the Nations – 2010

There are some epithets that have stayed with Accept for (almost) all years of the band’s active history. At least that was the case when I first wrote this text some years ago. Back then Blood of the Nations was new and it was almost unimaginable that anyone could take over the charismatic vocal duties from Udo Dirkschneider. But that was then. Today Mark Tornillo is the obvious singer of the band and I wouldn’t...