Texas Hippie Coalition – Dark Side of Black – 2016

texas hippie coalation dark side of blakTexas Hippie Coalition is a pretty new acquaintance to me. That is what happens when friend recommend bands to listen to. I’m glad I have such friends. Friends that know what I like and aren’t afraid to share their experiences of different bands that might not be as know to the public as som of the biggest bands out there. And it really doesn’t matter if It’s music that stick to me as much as Texas Hippe Coalition either. I like to experience things I never heard of before.

On Dark side of Black Texas Hippie Coalition displays their southern roots and I must say the “Big Dad Ritch” might be the best vocalist in the hardrock business today. I say hardrock because I feel that it must be the umbrella genre for Dark Side of Black at least. There are other elements in there but the most prominent one is hardrock in my mind. They have nice melodies in the music. And “Big Dad Ritch” has a rea masculine voice to tie everything together with.

I’m glad I found this band I I look forward to what this band might do next. I will of course explore their back catalog as this is their fourth album. If I hade something I could compare to I would but I’m kind of lost for words. Its good, melodic, masculine, heavy and bombastic!  I love it!

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