The Sheepdogs – Changing Colours – 2018

Changing ColoursSince I’m not only a metal-head I always seek for all kinds of music. Especially by artists and bands that I never heard of heard of before. The Sheepdogs is such a band. Changing Colours is their 6th album so they’re used to putting out music. They’re no beginners. I think that’s quite hearable. The songs are well composed and nicely performed. When I searched for something to explore I was aiming for southern rock and that’s exactly what The Sheepdogs is supposed to be. I’m not that familiar with what really characterize southern rock but for me, I think this is a little too laidback. For me, Southern rock is lots of guitars and dirty rock n roll. Think Lynyrd Skynyrd or the Georgia Satellites and you’ll get a clear picture.

But I might have misunderstood the concept of the musical direction. Of course, there’s more to it than just one formula for the genre. I’m sure it’s ok to include such soul influences that are on The Sheepdogs Changing Colours. There’s careful vocals and, as I said, laidback music qualities. I would have liked it to be a little dirtier but it’s still an album that grows for each listening. Maybe there could be a few more riffs and recognizable passages on the album. But it’s ok really. It’s kinda soothing and nice to listen too if you’re not feeling like putting your whole soul to the listening experience.

I think there’s a little too much music though. It’s an odd statement but I feel like if you listen to the whole album you get a little tired of it at the end. Maybe 17 songs is a little too much.

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